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Selling NFT with your own blockchain-based website has never been easier, faster, or more scalable. Impress your buyers with a beautiful, easy-to-navigate NFT store.

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Earn crypto directly
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Take advantage
From your creativity!

Use decentralized technology that unlocks new business
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Why open an NFT SHOP?


What is the difference between other solutions
and the NFT store

other solutions Your own NFT store
   Your own domain

   Collectors must find you from different sellers and random products

   Customers have to be crypto-savvy to buy

   Build your own brand

   Selling to random strangers

   Direct access to your clients

   Higher customer lifetime value

   Usually gas fee is high

   Own the relationship with the buyer

   Personalised customer experience

   Customer support

7s NFT provides you with the strategy and technology to build your own NFT store, integrated with your existing website.

  Our team will assist with the creation of your non-fungible token. The offering will be structured to meet the particular needs of your assets class.

  We will prepare the full business strategy, including tax planning for NFT transactions.

  We will provide intellectual property governance, including royalties.

  We will set up your digital wallet to hold NFTs.

  We will implement an asset protection strategy.

  Our team will make sure that your minting process and transactions related are compliant with laws concerning virtual currency.

  We will help you choose the most advantageous blockchain for your NFTs.

  We will implement smart contracts for your blockchain transactions.

Most important: We will make complicated tech solutions more appealing to the non-crypto customers.

Build your collector base.

You will be able to manage your relationship with buyers, connect with them, follow up, give them gifts and special offers. get direct access to your clients, because there is no better buyer than existing buyers, build repeat ones.

Come up with an idea!

We will help you design immersive experiences with a focus on UX, NFT opens doors to new worlds of enjoyment and opportunities for entrepreneurs to interact with their customers through customized experiences.

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What did our CLIENTS say about us?

Fenna Van Der Vliet


Big ‘Thank You!’ to Gabe and his awesome team. They made it possible that I could launch my NFT Shop. The reactions of the collectors were awesome.

Elio Tapia


Do you want to get into the NFT world? You should check 7S out! They helped me build my NFT Shop, a very successful project that the community loves. We generated $60k profit from NFT sales in 2 days. Start learning about NFT and you need to go with the best. Gabe’s team is the best!

Ian McClue


NFT Shops in my opinion, are here to bring the true Creator Economy. No longer will we be using Web2, instead people will be empowered by NFT Shops to publish, distribute and sell their own content.


NFT Shop is Your OWN Business on Blockchain. Unlike other nft marketplaces, here you are in charge and you are an admin over all the processes of creating, minting and selling your Digital (or digitalised) Assets as the NFTs. Think about it as about “Shopify for NFTs”.

Zero! There is only an affordable set up fee to develop your unique NFT Shop (link to the pricing), but after your NFT Shop is launched there are no other costs associated. To keep our prices affordable for everyone we will ask You for 10% of your Shop’s profit. For that You will be also receiving our constant tech and marketing support.

Yes! Security is our top priority, and we built NFT Shop from the scratch to make sure your NFTs are secure. Our team will also be protecting you and will be constantly on watch. We will inform you immediately if there will be any suspicion that your Shop has been compromised.

Yes! We have a first class support team who can answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! After onboarding, as the NFT Shop Owner, you will be connected with your Personal Project Manager that will guide you through  the process and will be helpful with everything you need to know.

When you close your NFT Shop, your data will become inaccessible, but don’t worry, before closing you have the opportunity to transfer your NFTs to another platform on the same chain.

We will create your NFT Shop from the ground up. After you sign a contract, our team will send you a bunch of documents and templates to fill in (you will be fully supported if you have any questions).  You would need to provide us with your overall idea for the Shop, your concept, vision and business model, domain credentials, files that you want to turn into NFTs and additional information like texts, contact details, your Metamask wallet address (if needed).

You do! Any content (including your users) is 100% owned by you. 7S NFT doesn’t have permission to use that content or contact your users for any reason. NFT Shop is just a tool for YOU to sell YOUR NFTs!